Cheers and Tears is a project of the

Jewish Women's Circle.

whose goal  is to create a sense of togetherness among the women in the community.

Cheers and Tears
sends a chocolate platter to those in the community celebrating simchas or suffering sorrows G‑d forbid.

Please notify us if you know of someone who just gave birth, moved to town or who G‑d forbid suffered a loss so that we can send over a tray.

If you are interested in delivering the trays, please let us know as well.

Thank you for helping to make this important project a success.

Thank you to the Cheers and Tears participants of 2018 :

Hillary Landau
Reena Fields
Amy Seiden
Barbara Kutcher
Shima Chayvet
Barbara Snyder
Grace Einhorn 
Anne Cahill
Sharon Davis
Pam Tran 
 Anita Kraft
Judy Weintraub 
 If you want to participate click here.