Our Curriculum

ECO_024 - curriculum.jpgWe're impressed with our curriculum, now it's your turn! We hope to engage your child's sense of identity by capturing his/her imagination and attention. So, we put a lot of effort into providing our students with substantive lessons and a positive atmosphere. 
The lessons are multi-sensory and hands-on, ensuring that the students truly experience what they are being taught. The lessons are structured with discussion-starters, to create a lively, interactive classroom experience. The information truly becomes the student's own.

Our students learn to read & write Hebrew using the Aleph Champ program. They gain confidence and familiarity with the Siddur-Hebrew Prayer Book.

Study of the weekly Torah portion provides our students
with practical lessons that apply to our daily lives.

Our students will attain an affection for our heritage and a
uniqueness of our homeland Israel.

The students gain an appreciation of our heritage and culture that
has been preserved throughout the ages.

Traditions and celebrations, exploring
the Jewish Holidays and Shabbat will provide a deeper
understanding for our students.

Beginning with the origins of the mitzvot,
stressing practical applications in our daily lives, our
students will explore a personal Jewishness.

Hebrew School Curriculum Overview:

Bereishit Curriculum

We will focus on the Torah book of Bereishit (Genesis). The students will learn to identify Torah heroes and Jewish values, and become familiar with the important history of our nation. They will create various artistic projects, family trees and scrapbooks to creatively visualize the information.

Shemot Curriculum:

The children learned the stories of Genesis last year, which begins with creation and continues with the pillars of the Jewish nation: our forefathers and mothers. They ended off the year with learning about the 12 tribes.

This year, we will follow with the book of Shemot (Exodus), where the story continues with the Jews being slaves in Egypt and their journeying through the desert and receiving the Torah.

These stories are the history of the Jewish nation and contain invaluable lessons for the children; they create a strong Jewish identity and the knowledge of where we come from and who we are as a Jewish nation.


This course comprises 22 bite-size lessons. TORAHpedia is a cleverly constructed curriculum, focusing on one mitzvah for each letter of the aleph-bet. Using a bright and engaging activity book, the students have fun as they learn 22 fundamental Jewish lessons. TORAHpedia's activity book places special emphasis on Mitzvot Are For Action!  TORAHpedia brings real-life relevance to key Jewish concepts, demonstrating how Torahs lessons are applicable to the students’ actual lives.

Jewish Lifecycles

Life is a journey that challenges our moral and religious integrity. The Jewish approach to our lifecycles enable and give us the tools to overcome the challenges and fulfill our mission in life. During the Hebrew school year, your child will have the opportunity to “give birth” to his/her own set of twins which they subsequently follow through various life cycle events. In many instances, we document the lessons through videography and photography.

In preparation for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah's the students will be focusing on a program called the Jewish Discovery Course. 

The course explores the foundations of Jewish identity and life through meaningful, exciting, and thought provoking workshops and classes.

Class will be lead by Rabbi Dovid Labkowski.

Special Hands-on Jewish learning experience
Your child will explore in a fun hands-on way many different fascinating Jewish facts.